Sunday 17 February 2019

Phantom Of The Opera

Hello Everyone!

Last week I went to see Phantom Of the Opera with a group of visually impaired people at Her Majesty's Theater in London. A friend of mine, told me about this Facebook group of  visually impaired people who organise theater trips around the UK. This was my first time meeting some of the members of the group (I only knew 1 person), but it was a great day out. Today's blog post is about this day out. Along with my experience of using audio description for the first time at the theater. 

Sunday 3 February 2019

Decluttering My Bedroom

Hello Everyone!

I've recently finished watching the new Netflix show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, a show I din't think I'd be interested in but soon found that it made me want to declutter my entire room. So today I'll be talking about using the Konmari method to tidy my bedroom, which took about two weeks to do. I'll also include a few before and after photos. Unfortunately I didn't take any footage of my folding, but I think the show does a good job of explaining how to do it anyway. Now let's get started!