Monday 25 December 2017

Dear Deadlines


Throughout December I've been busy writing my assignments. I'm still writing them and they haven't finished them yet. Which is why I thought I'd add a little humour to the situation. Maybe some of you have assignments due soon and need to vent like me. Maybe what I have to say will be relateable to you?

Friday 1 December 2017

Make Up: Maybe There's More To It


I'm aware it's now December so a little late for my November post, I've been busy with uni work and I came upon this concept yesturday when I was out (30/11/2017) and didn't get a chance to write it. So since this is a late entry I'll keep it nice and simple.

Yesturday me and my sister met up so she could help me buy make up. I don't wear any, unless it's for a special occasion and have someone do it for me. Now that I'm going to leave education and enter the real world, it'll be a useful skill to know how to "groom myself". Maybe I'll even like it, if I learn it and feel as if I'm in control, I can do it by myself.

Here's a summary of our day: we arrived to stratford separetly, met up and went to a few stores like H&M, Office and Clarks. I looked around the shop myself, didn't buy anything. However I learnt that I'm a standard (I think that's the term for people with narrow feet?) size 3 and a 1/2 at Clarks and that there are a lot of different types of trainers out there. I know tgey're different but they seem similar to me? If I'm interested I'll look into them more online and see what I like. We then went to John Lewis to have my make up done at the more expensive counters. I think this was to see what works on me, what shade I am etc. I felt relaxed during the process. Although I couldn't see what my face looked like once the make up was done (#blindgirlproblems) , I was told I looked nice. We then had lunch at a Mexican place and went to Boots, where a nice lady put some make up on me, I think it was a cream or concealer, blusher and the lipstick froendship. Once she was done,  my sister and I decided it woyld be easier for me to start off with the basics. I swatched some NYX lipsticks on my hand picked out the ones I like, helped her pick some too, got some lip liners (side note: they don't have to match your lipstick), blusher and  some Real Technique brushes. Lastly we went to a shoe shop where we both got some nice boots for winter and I also got cute trainers to work out in. Overall I had a nice time.