Wednesday 20 April 2016

Do I Know My Disney?


So if you're wondering why I'm writing this post, my brother did  a trivia quiz with me during dinner on the Jungle Book, and guess what? I GOT NOTHING RIGHT! I DON'T REMEMBER WATCHING THE FILM AS A KID, I THINK I MIXED IT UP WITH TARZAN?! I'M SORRY INTERNET!

I hope you're all done yelling at me or glaring daggers at me. No, not yet? Fine, but I WILL be watching the animated version tonight straight after I'm done with this post. My brother said (and rightfully so) that I NEED to watch the animated version and make sure I KNOW IT before I watch the live action version- Also he's testing me again and I need to get half the questions correct or else he unsubscribes me from one of the vloggers I watch (I hope it's not Bess) . So yeah, I better make sure I know that film and know it well.

But that little quiz got me thinking, I don't know my Disney as well as I thought. I mean if I can't remember The Jungle Book what else have I not seen?! To answer that I thought I'd tell you my experience with Disney and what I mean is, what Disney-related things I've seen/done. Then you the readers can tell me what I've been missing out on. 

I've divided my list into 3 categories down below:

Disney TV Shows: Alright so growoing up I did watch a lot of Disney Channel, so here's a list of a few shows Iremember watching:
Kim Possible
Phil of the Future
Thats So Raven
Cory In The House
Lizzie Mcguire
Famous Five On The Cse
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
The Suite Life on Deck
Wizards Of Waverly Place
Hannah Montana
The Legond of Tarzan (I think a few episodes)
Hercules TV show (possibly the odd episode)
Lilo and Stitch TV show (odd episode)
The Emperors New School
Even Stevens

So I feel like by being a kid in the early 2000s, there are a few shows that are missing in that list, and that I should have watched. If you know what they are then please let me know- I may watch them at some point.

Disney Land:
Yes, I've been to Disney Land Paris, went on a lot of rides, and met some characters. I really enjoyed it. I love Disney Land but I feel like there are  other aspects of Disney Land that I didn't get to experience. Maybe there's a ride I missed or an attraction I didn't see? To be fair it's not possible to do all of Disney in just a few days.

Disney Movies:
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Lilo and Stitch
Finding Nemeo
Treassure Planet
The Recess Movies
Lizzie Mcguire Movie
High  School Muisical
Hannah Montannah Movie
Brother Bear
Lady and the tramp
Princess and the frog
Happy Feet
Lion King
Mary Poppins
Big Heroe 6
Beauty and the Beast
The Little Mermaid
Peter Pan
Alice In Wonderland

Maybe I was more of a princess kid? That's my lame reason for why I might not remember some films.

I'm afraid that's all I can remember.  If you feel like there's a Disney movie I'm missing then please let me know. Lastly the reason behind the tittle is because even though I've had my fair share of Disney, there's still some that I haven't seen; so I don't really know my Disney.

Alright I'm off to watch the Jungle Book!