Thursday 18 August 2016

Everything Happens For A Reason


It's been a while since I've written on here. A lot of things have happened since we last spoke some of these are personal events in my life  that those of you who know me in real life know about and others are more general like moving on to another year at University, finding out my blog is being shared by Bosma Enterprise (thank you! I really appreciate it!), having my seminar tutor share my blog (thank you!), oh and RNIBs latest campaign has peaked my interest and I intend to write a blog post about it "soon"- yes I'm aware a month in between posts isn't everyone's definition of soon, but my contribution to the campaign will be up before August ends! I just need some time to do my own research. Last but not least I'm also trying to change some aspects of my life- relax it's nothing drastic or anything for you to be concerned with!

Alright so as you know I'm a Muslim, which means I believe in God and follow the teachings in Islam, what Islam actually is not the "acts of terrorism in he name of Islam" those acts are a load of BS because they aren't what Islam is. Anyhow, I also believe everything happens for a reason and Allah (SWT) knows best. Today I'm going to talk about moments where things are out of our control and to let whatever happens, happen.

A Level Results: 
Right now as I'm writing this it's A Level results day in the UK. For some of you it means yay let's celebrate i got into my first choice university!; for others it means I didn't get into my first choice but I did get my insurance which is still good. Also there are some of you who didn't do as well as you would have liked, but don't worry there are still plenty of options like retaking the year, going through clearing, doing a foundation course, internships. A Levels are one of the worst years of your life (the stress is too much), so if things don't work out the way you want them to you can try again, find another place, or take a different route all together. Here's an example, this time last year I logged into track and found I got into my insurance choice and didn't get the best grades. I was happy I got into University, but there were some concerns since  live on the other side of London and New Cross isn't known for being safe, I kept that place open and also called up other universities to see if I had a chance elsewhere which made results day bloody stressful and long af. In the end I went to Goldsmiths, I was (and still am) happy with the offer and liked the University- plus I got a little help in explaining how the University I got into is one people want to go to, so thank you to the people that helped me with that. The same goes for GCSE whatever you get, it's fine just work hard for the next step, put all of your effort into the next step.  My main point here with results day is that, it's a chance for you to do things at your own pace, we're not in a race to get to the top, we all do things our own way. 

Now that we've covered the one a lot of teenagers are worried about, let's have a look at life, which I'm aware is a vast topic so to keep this short and simple (go ahead roll your eyes at me, I know my posts are never short) I'll break it down into people and events we encounter and a little bit about my own life. For any family members reading this don't worry I'll be very vague when discuss my life since in some parts I'm merely part of it, so it's not mine to tell, just say what you need to whenever you need to elsewhere. 

People- I know I've said this before but I still stand by it. In life there are people we meet, some come and go others are the ones we choose to stay in contact with and there are some we reconnect with along the way on this journey known as life. I think the people we meet are there for a reason, some are a learning experience, others give advice which comes in handy along the way and there are those who do things for us that mean a lot and we won't forget no matter how long it's been since we last saw them. I think a good example of this is my mobility trainer Rosie who gave me advice on being independent and working with my sightless, there are things she said that I didn't use during our training sessions but I've started doing now because hey help. Perhaps another example could be when you have someone caring in your life, who has always looked out for you and you continue to remember what they've done and pray they'll be alright no matter how things turn out. Overall, in life you meet people who have an impact in your life one way or another. 

Events- Sometimes it's not the people you meet that have an impact on you, but the experiences you have themselves. I think that there are certain events that happen in life that you can look back on and be happy they happened, that you went through with that situation to get where you are now. Once again I'll give you an example from my life, let's see which one should I go for? Oh I know my eyes duh! As you know I was born premature needed oxygen in me, the treatment made my eyes smaller,  have a flat retainer blah blah blah you've all heard it before (spoiler alert you'll hear about it again soon!), but I think that if I hadn't been born like that and be labelled as visually impaired I wouldn't have met people who are also visually impaired in B.E.DO.S. at Mora Primary School, had great support workers and gotten advice from people in Brent Council growing up, oh and I wouldn't have had all the equipment i lug around, along with my unique outlook on things, and probably this blog. In other words looking back my sight-loss gave me a lot of unique experiences and events throughout my life, I think they made me lucky in a way, I'm sure there's a reason behind it but the only person that knows why is God the best I can do is make assumptions along the way. 

Lastly not all events in your life are happy ones. For instance, having someone close to you leave before your eyes is a sad experience in the moment itself and when you look back and think about them. However, I think this event is needed because it's a reminder that there is someone greater out there, more powerful God who does everything for a reason. Perhaps that reason is to ease their suffering, have those they care for become closer to the religion they've always been a part of, I'm not sure. For me personally, it's the latter (I think latter means second option right?) by trying out the hijab to see how I feel wearing it, maybe I'll wear it full time I'm not sure yet, at the moment I'm just taking it slow. The great thing about Islam is that even after the people we care for are gone, we the people they cared for can pray that that person, these people are at peace and we are able to see them again. 

To conclude I think there is a reason behind every action, every outcome, maybe we'll learn what the reason is, or maybe we're not meant to. Everything happens for a reason, what's important is how you handle these reasons. 

That's all for now see you next time.