Saturday 31 March 2018

March Mayhem

Hello Everyone,

This month's blog post is just a quick life update. And I do mean quick because I haven't done much.

1. UCU Strike- In the UK there has been a nation wide strike accross various universites. There are various reasons behind it and one of them is the fact that Lecturers and Academics are having their pensions affected. It's far from what was originally promised. For more information click here. As a result I've had quite a few classes cancelled but all in the name for a good cause. Accademics are doing what they can to get their voices heard. I fully support that. I've been using that time to worknon my dissertation.

2. Assignments-  yup it's that time again, spring assignments. As I'm in my third year now I also have an 8000 word dissertation due. I won't bore you with the details, but I'm getting them done. A little slower than I'd like but they're getting there. Some are harder than others, but I get to be creative with these two. I might even call them fun, emphasis on might. I've also been working on a BME students report that I'm doing with the other departmeny reps at my uni.

3. Socialising- yes I actually made time to do things outside the world of academia. I'll try to do more in the future. One thing I did was go make up shopping with my aunt and her daughter. I think the term for that is cousin? It was nice because she helped me go to places where I could get products that were reasonably priced. We got concealer, blusher, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, primer, eye primer, a highlighter and contour kit and brushes. Pretty much everything you need. She also taught me how to use them and is a great teacher.  For anyone who is VI and wants to learn how to wear make up, have a sighted person show you how to put it on by doing it for you. Then follow what they did through touch. I found that technique worked best for me. If my aunt is reading this thank you for teaching me, I'm slowly putting what you taught me into practice.  

I also went out for lunch with my best friend. We had pasta at pizza hut and some bingsoo and green tea waffles as dessert. The latter were had at a Korean place called Gaza in Soho. Bingsoo is a cold shaved ice dessert with ice cream. It can also be had with fruit. For more information check out their instagram . When we went we had the green tea one but we'll be back to try more!

4. Technology Troubles- to finish off here's the mayhem part of this month. My laptop keyboard hasn't been working for a good while now. Sounds bad but manageable because I have an external keyboard and an on-screen one. But the real issue began when I couldn't delete files on my laptop or attach anything to emails. I couldn't even do a disc clean up! I had drafts to send and later on I would have trouble uploading my assignments online. So I did what any student does, I went to my uni IT team for help. There I learnt that my hard drive is failing. Not dead yet but on the road to death's door. So I took there advice and bought an external hard drive and backed everything up on that. I then had a tech support company take my laptop to fix it, because I was still having attaching/deleting issues. So I'm currently doing my assignments by going to uni, using my brother's laptop and my dad's  old one. As a visually impaired person not having your laptop makes things difficult because all the accessable software you use is now gone. But I'm adaptable, so will make do with what I've got. My harddrive is being reset and the keyboard will be replaced. So I'll have my laptop back between April 11th-27th. Just in time for that dissertation deadline and exam season!

So that's all I've been up to. I hope you enjoyed this post.