Monday 4 January 2016

A New Year means change is inevitable

So, I got this idea after reading my friend's blog post and decided to give it a go. I'm terrible at sticking to plans or resolutions; for instance in 2014/2015 I planned to exercise every week and that failed miserably. I also planned my revision for my A-Levels which as you can guess didn't go to plan... I got a 'little' obsessed with Pitch Perfect 2 to the point of watching it and reading fanfics more than the average person- that's normal right?  

So this year I thought I'd write... well I guess in this modern age 'type' what I want to do. These are not #2016goals or #newyearresolutions2016 (I'm not down with the kids so I don't know what the trending hashtag is. Sorry!). This post is just a list that's more like a reminder of what I want to do, not this year specifically but soon in the future. I think that's enough of an explanation so let's get started! Also this list is in no particular order, just what I come up with as we speak.

1. FINISH MY SEQUEL TO JINX CHARM- I don't know if any of you know this but I have a story on Wattpad which took two years to write and I finished it last summer. I intended to have the second book done and dusted but I had writers block #af. Although these past few months I've been writing some of it, it's taking longer than I like! So I want to work on it at least once a week and have it finished in August. If you're interested, here's a link to my story.

2. START VOLUNTEERING- I have no work experience except from back in year 10. So I feel like I need to do some volunteering to get some experience. I want to apply in February and do some volunteering throughout the year as well as in the summer. I've been told that because of my disability I'll be first
priority for a job. Well... I think I ought to be more realistic and get some experience so employers don't use my inexperience as a valid reason not to hire me. Because let's be honest here, they can't say "sorry we can't hire you because you're visually impaired". They need another reason and that reason is my inexperience.

3. GET A SUMMER JOB- this intertwines with my previous point mentioned above. I want to get a summer job to gain experience and be more confident.

4. BE MORE CONFIDENT-  This one relates to a lot of things in my life ranging from public transport to being domestic and more independent. I mean, yes I use the train to get from home to Uni, do the dishes at home, get the washing from the washing machine and hang it. Oh, and change my bed sheets every month. Also I've even cleaned the shower once or twice. But I want to do more! I want to learn how to hoover, cook, clean by myself with no help. It's gotten to the point where I've been researching good coloured knives for me to buy and ceramic measuring spoons where the writing is black and easy to read. I think I'm getting off topic here so I want to discuss public transport. In regards to this I want to plan journeys to places on the train and do them myself.

5. GAIN MORE KNOWLEDGE- Now this, again is a mixture of a lot of things. For one, I want to get a 2.1/1st in my degree (I'm in first year now, so it will take a while). But I also want to do a bit more research or "reading around" my course. Another thing I want to do (and should be doing more of) is staying up to date with the world. No, I don't mean keeping up with the latest Kardashian or other celebrity news. I mean keeping up with real news of what's happening in the world in terms of politics and society. Lastly, I want to research more about my religion once a week. I went to an Islamic school for five years and don't feel like I milked as much as I should have. Also everyone else seemed to know the stuff already... so at that age and time I didn't want to sound like an idiot.

So that's all I've got for this post. Let me know what your plans are for 2016 and I hope you get through whatever the year brings your way.

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I know doing all of this will take time and I'm not sure how far I'll get, so I want to make a start on it. By being more confident I want to have a more "I can do this" attitude and not have others assume "you wouldn't have been able to do it". Maybe I should try and be more sociable too?