Sunday 3 January 2016

An Introduction is never easy


Welcome to MY EYE MY WAY. Like I said in the tittle of this post, starting something new isn't easy... well that's the case for me anyway. Maybe I over think this or I worry too much. It took me two days with the help of a friend to come up with a tittle and URL for this blog!

I suppose you're reading this and thinking, "stop rambling and get straight to the point!". Well then, I'll do as you desire. My name is Nanjiba and I'm visually impaired. This blog is about how I see the world, do things differently from others and live what for me is a normal life. Don't worry, I won't constantly bore you about my sight loss but I'll talk about things you may not know or may not have noticed. So in other words my thoughts on life, through my eyes.

I was born at 6 months, so yes that makes me a premature baby. As you can imagine I was tiny and didn't weigh much. I also didn't have enough oxygen and when I received treatment one eye became smaller than the other and I'm very short-sighted in both eyes. The tittle is what it is because people think I can only see in one eye (the one that's a normal size). But I can see in both but better in one than the other.

To conclude, MY EYE MY WAY is about me, my thoughts, my experiences and an attempt to explain things to those that want to know about someone with sight-loss.

I'm afraid that's all I've got for my first post.
So if you're interested stick around! If not, then bye! I'll let you get on with your life.