Friday 1 December 2017

Make Up: Maybe There's More To It


I'm aware it's now December so a little late for my November post, I've been busy with uni work and I came upon this concept yesturday when I was out (30/11/2017) and didn't get a chance to write it. So since this is a late entry I'll keep it nice and simple.

Yesturday me and my sister met up so she could help me buy make up. I don't wear any, unless it's for a special occasion and have someone do it for me. Now that I'm going to leave education and enter the real world, it'll be a useful skill to know how to "groom myself". Maybe I'll even like it, if I learn it and feel as if I'm in control, I can do it by myself.

Here's a summary of our day: we arrived to stratford separetly, met up and went to a few stores like H&M, Office and Clarks. I looked around the shop myself, didn't buy anything. However I learnt that I'm a standard (I think that's the term for people with narrow feet?) size 3 and a 1/2 at Clarks and that there are a lot of different types of trainers out there. I know tgey're different but they seem similar to me? If I'm interested I'll look into them more online and see what I like. We then went to John Lewis to have my make up done at the more expensive counters. I think this was to see what works on me, what shade I am etc. I felt relaxed during the process. Although I couldn't see what my face looked like once the make up was done (#blindgirlproblems) , I was told I looked nice. We then had lunch at a Mexican place and went to Boots, where a nice lady put some make up on me, I think it was a cream or concealer, blusher and the lipstick froendship. Once she was done,  my sister and I decided it woyld be easier for me to start off with the basics. I swatched some NYX lipsticks on my hand picked out the ones I like, helped her pick some too, got some lip liners (side note: they don't have to match your lipstick), blusher and  some Real Technique brushes. Lastly we went to a shoe shop where we both got some nice boots for winter and I also got cute trainers to work out in. Overall I had a nice time.

Here's the thing with me and make up. I've not liked wearing it because I'm usually just sitting there, trying to stay calm and concentrate on not moving for what to ke feels like a long time. I also can't tell if a product is on cotrectly or not, since I can't see details on my face. So it's more difficult than it should be. Which is why I haven't tried it myself. There are moments where I'm curious about make up, I'll look up products, the prices reviews and decide not to buy anything. I guess you could call it window shopping? 

I can't tell if other people are wearing it, everyone looks fine to me, just the way they are. But one thing I've come to realise is that peoe wear make up to look nice. It doesn't change their appearance (unless they want it to), just enhances their beauty. When people complimenrt you on your make up, they don't mean you don't look nice without it. Although I'm happy with the way I look, there's no harm in  "looking nice" the way everyone else does from time to time.

As a visually impaired person I know wearing make up will be easier said than done. However it IS possible, it'll take practice and coming up with techniques that work for me. Oh and perhaps a strong magnification mirror too. I mean there are visually impaired beauty bloggers and vloggers out there. They know their stuff, so it's possibke. If you're visually impaired and want an idea of what might help as a starter kit check out this video by FashionEyesta:

Also for anyone curious here's a video by Molly Burke, who's a blind motivational speaker and does hee make up without a mirror (she doesn't need one):

Maybe it's just me, but I think if you want to wear make up, learn how to use it when you're young  and do it. If not then you don't have to, you can always pick up the skill later on like I am? Wear it when you yourself feel ready, not when you feel like you have to.

Once I get more comfrtable using make up, I could write about what I use and how. Would that interest you? 

That's all I have for today. See you in my next post.