Monday 25 December 2017

Dear Deadlines


Throughout December I've been busy writing my assignments. I'm still writing them and they haven't finished them yet. Which is why I thought I'd add a little humour to the situation. Maybe some of you have assignments due soon and need to vent like me. Maybe what I have to say will be relateable to you?

Dear Deadlines,

I thought I could get you done before my holiday. 
Oh how naive I was.
Two 4500 word essays due on the same day?!
Who decided that? 
Why, why, why I think whilst I'm sat.
I've done spider diagrams, come up with ideas that relate to the questions. 
Yes that's progress?
Then I started writing, writing and more writing.
Slowly but surely I'm getting somewhere?
It's been a long couple of days, late nights of doing section after section. 
I'm not even at the last hurdle yet.
Deadlines, I can't handle such rejection.
Please speed thing up  slow them down. Whatever works.
All I want is one day away.
Watch TV shows, anime, see friends. Maybe go out?
What you're telling me I can?
Procrastination is not the solution. Come on man?!
Here I am still writing. I must stay 
January is so close yet so far.
The end is coming. You'll be finished before the due date.
At least I hope so. I will at my rate.
All I want to do is sleep. Yet I'm here in the deep.
When all is said and done. I want another holiday to recover.
But I can't. I have another round or two.
I'm counting down the minutes, hours and days until I'm rid of you?!
Farewell for now. 
I dread our next meeting.
Just the thought of it is revolting.

Yours begrudgingly,
University students who need a break.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I've taken the day off today. Merry christmas. Happy hollidays!

Goodluck to those who have deadlines like me.