Wednesday 31 January 2018

January: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Hello Everyone,

I hope you're well. For this month's blog post I won't be talking about any new years resolutions, or a look back at 2017. Instead I'll be discussing some changes I've noticed about myself over the last year or so. What I've been up to. Along with what will be happening in the upcoming months. I'll try to keep this one short and simple. I know I say that every time, but it's easier said than done. 

How have I changed?
To be honest I don't think I've changed that much. I mean, I still like anime, watching TV shows online, YouTube, reading and writing. But there are some changes I've noticed. In this case, I'm viewing change as, how I've grown, come to undersrand myself. For one I'm more aware of my mindset. By that I mean, I know I've had experiences that have lead me to keep myself closed off. Not open up until it gets too much. Unless there's no other option left, it's only then I open up. I overthink anything I might want to do, heavily weighing the cons to convince myself not to do them. But I'm trying to talk to people more. I'm not comfortable going to taster classes. I much prefer talking to someone one-on-one. Oh and I do priotitise my university work, over it. Perhaps it's because uni keeps me busy. I don't overthink when I'm occupied. But I've got information on what I need to do after my studies are sorted. One step at a time people. I consider opportunities that interest me more, as opposed to thinking I won't be able to do them. I know that I like working. I like having something to do to keep me busy. I don't like having nothing to do. I've learnt it's important for me to take a break every now amd then. A short break is enough for me. Also I've become more open to make up, I wear it  a bit more. Not all the time, but when I feel like it. I think it's because, I'm in control. Doing it myself. Not forcing myself to sit still whilst someone else does it.

What have I been up to?
I've mostly been keeping up with the Kardashians. I mean is Kylie Jenner Pregnent or not? I need to know. Procrastination at it's finest. I'm kidding. I do follow some of their social media. However I don't watch the show. In truth I've been working on my dissertation, intervewing two people and writing with a few hiccups. I've also been enjoying my option modules and am looking forward to my projects, I think it's going ok. Oh as for my key readings I've been doing them, but am more relaxed about note taking. I don't have to do it all the time. I've started an internship as a volunteer researcher, it's new. I applied on a whim. Needed a push from people I'm close to to go for it. Everything worked out for the best. It's my first time juggling work and my degree. We'll see how it goes. I've also started excersising a few times a week. It's nowhere near the advised 150 minutes a week. But it's a start.

Changes that are coming:
In 4 months time I'll be submitting my dissertation and my assignments. Then I have an exam to prepare for. On the one hand it feels like I need to pick up the pace and work, work, work. On the other hand it feels like the year flew by. I'll be done with my BA soon! Then hello working world. I've been applying for jobs and graduate schemes in between everything else. So far I haven't had much there might be a period of being unemployed post-graduation? I hope to work full-time for a few years, 1 or 2 or 3. Followed by working and doing an MA in Social Research Methods Part-time. I know I want to be a researcher. I'm just figuring out how. I had this idea of cooking sone lunches to take too. As for socialising, I'm hoping to keep in contact with my friends and see them more. Separate my work and social life. Of course I'm open to the idea of wotk-friends. I know some people view the people they know at work as colleagues. So we'll see what I decided. In theory my time away from higher education will give me a chance to try accessable sports, meet new people  and go on trips with VICTA. That's my plan anyway. A lof of these are ideas of what I want to do after my degree. But in reality I don't know what's in store for me. We'll just have to wait and see.

That's all I have to say today. I hope this post was shorter than usual. Let me know what you're goals are. How have you changed?