Tuesday 30 April 2019

Ideas, Birthdays & Careers


I know it's been a few months since my last post. This one is just a quick life update about ideas I've had for this blog and what I've been up to.

Blog Ideas:
Back in March the attack om two mousques in Christchurch, New Zealand happened and I wanted to wrire a post about it and Islamophobia. I felt like as a Muslim blogger I should use my platform to say something. The post was a lot harder to write than I thought it would be, I got to a point where I didn't feel like writing it anymore, it felt like something depressing to write. I talked about it with some fellow bloggers and it's normal to be in a funk, starting a post thinking it's a good idea and then never finishing it. During that time I also had other posts I wanted to write but felt like I needed to finish the one O was working on. As you can tell they never got written. I was thinking of reviewing shows I'm watching, my latest Netflix binge? Review apps? Oh and I even cooked something! Should I talk about how I use my phone? Is ir worth it to watch Bird box? I have some ideas of what I want to write I just need to do then, if I find them interesting.

Birthday Brunch:

In April I turned 22, I know I'm young but also getting older. It was my first time working, so I've never had an office Birthday celebration before. It was really sweet! Thank you to everyone who got me the present. Below is an image of what I got:

From right to left there is a brown bag of macou coffee beans, a light blue Lola's cupcake box with a  red stripe, a light vlue tin of salted caramel biscuits with black patterns on them and a white Happy Birthday card in tactile text and tactile gold and dilver confetti around it

I also met up with my best friend, she's 1 day older than me and we've known each other for 10-11 years I think. We're very similar yet so different. We had some savoury pancakes at My Old Dutch in holborn and shared a sweet one....to think we were going to buy two savoury and two sweet pancakes, the first two were filling enough!  
IMAGE DESCRIPTION: a large white plate with a huge salmon, mushrooms, onion and creamy dill sauce savoury pancake. The second plate which is just as big but looks smaller in the picture is the Ratatouille & Creamed Spinach savoury pancake which also had grated cheese
the compotte of berries sweet panc which is also huge with jam, frozen berries and 3 small scoops of ice cream

Being 22 doesn't feel that different to 21, I think I'm just learning more about the real world, working and being an adult.

I currently work as a Trainee Project Assistant at the RNIB, a job I got as part of their Trainee Graduate Scheme where young VI (Visually impaired) graduates have an opportunity to work in a full time job, get some training and experience in the real world to help them prepare for future employment. Job hunting and figuring out your next steps is part of the role. Before I started working I thought I would work for a year, do a Masters and be a researcher. But now I've found that I don't want to do another degree. I want6 to work my way up, the things I enjoy about my current job amd what I like about the jobs I've applied for all lead towards a career where research would be part of the job, but not as much and the work I would do would help create a more immediate impact. Also it's within the charity sector and disability related. Any guesses?

I also met up with some of my VI friends where we caught up and had amazing ramen, oh and I applied for some jobs and caught up on Game of Thrones. That's all I've got for this post. I hope you enjoyed this little life update.


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  1. A very belated happy birthday! Sounds like you had fun!