Sunday 5 May 2019

Ramadan Goals

Hello Everyone,

Ramadan is the most blessed month of the year for Muslims. For 30 days we have the opportunity to develop our connection to Allah (SWT), the message in the Qur'an and understand the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (SWS). It's a month of fasting, reflection, sacrifice and generosity for 29 to 30 days, depending on the fighting of the moon. As a blessed month Ramadan is divided into three stages: Mercy (days 1-10), Forgiveness (days 11-20) and Safety (days 21-30). The last 10 days of the month also has a night of power called Layla Tul Qadr, where your act of worship is equivalent to 84-years of worship. For more information about why Ramadan is the most rewarding month for us Muslims, click here.  This blog post is about what I want to do to make the most of the month. Oh and to keep myself happy and healthy.
Read and Understand more of the Qur'an: 
This one might sound pretty obvious. Ramadan is a blessed month why wouldn't you read the Qur'an? Well I don't know about you but I always set out to finish the whole Qur'an, one chapter a day at least and can never finish it. Which is why this month I want to be more realistic, I'm working this year so will be tiered but I'll try to read a few minutes everyday before it's time to break my fast. I probably won't get a chapter done each day, but when it's the week I'll make up for that and read for a few more hours. During my lunch breaks I'll pray, have a bit of a break but also use that time to watch a video about the chapter I'm reading to get a better understanding of it. Also for the days I won't be fasting I'll listen to the Qur'an, click here for more information about that

Learn More Duas:
I already know some duas (important words we say to call out to God when not praying) and surats (verses from the Qur'an) to ask for protection and will be rewarding to recite. There's a dua for everything. I have a lot of resources at my disposal, a book about duas, the Muslim Pro app and Google, so I want to use some of those resources to learn a new dua or why a particular Surat is important. I've heard that if you repeat something 33 times you're more likely to remember it, which is what I'll do to achieve thos. It's unlikely that I'll remember everything I learnt by the end of the month, but at least I'll know more than before.

Do a good deed each day:
I'm aware a lot of stuff people do can be classified as a good deed like helping someone out of politeness, giving a homeless person some money when you pass them. These are things I do already but I want to do one good deed a day that's a bit different from what I usually do. 

Start Cooking:
Since I am working, I'll be getting home quite late and won't have time to cook something. Plus I live at home so don't need to. But I do plan to work from home once a week during Ramadan, maybe twice depending on how I feel. Which is why I intend to cook something on one of those days and on a weekend. I've made a list of what I plan to make, so far it has 5 main dishes and 5 desserts. My brother thinks I'm being quite ambitious. Considering the fact that I originally intended to cook on the two days a week I would be working from home AND the weekend, I think I'm being much more reasonable.

I've heard that there are people who do their regular work outs, go to the gym during Ramada. They do it before or after iftar. So far I only excersise for 10-15 minutes (that's how long the videos are it takes me longer to do them) 3-4 times a week, sometimes 5. During Ramadan I want to continue excersising but know I need to be more realistic, so I plan to do a 5 minute video 3-4 days a week, 4 minutes if I really can't be bothered.

So these are all the thongs I want to do this Ramadan. I think they're things I'll continue to do over the years as well. What are your plans for this Ramadan? Before I go I just wanted to say I'm sorry if I've ever written, said or done something that's upset you. Please forgive me. May Allah (SWT) guide us all on the right path. Ameen. 

Ramadan Mubarak!


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